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Aug 25, 2020
Jun 18, 2013
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July 2
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Administrator, Male, from NJ

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We have moved to a new site https://openbuilds.com/ Please come check it out and join in on the fun! Oct 8, 2018

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Aug 25, 2020
    1. kram242
    2. foamflyer45
      Hi Mark and Trish, This is Ernie Werbiski. I still have my PP3 and had not been to the the Phlat Forum in a long time. I'm surprised to see that you guys have really moved on and looks like everything PP3 and model airplane stuff is no longer available at your forum. How can I find it.
      1. kram242
        Hi Ernie, yes we got hacked and they destroyed a lot of the info that was here. Pretty lame, but the good news is that we have a new site now where we all hang out, kinda like a virtual hackerspace for machine and project sharing we call OpenBuilds. Please come check it out and hang with us there. https://openbuilds.com/
        Oct 8, 2018
    3. sunnycoast17
      hi, seeking some plans for the phlatprinter, where are they?????????
    4. foamflyer45
      Hi Mark. I need your help. I have not use my PP3 for over a year and now my CNC/USB license is blank. It will not let me enter it. The dot next to controller is greyed out and will not let me select it. I have your email with the .dat and .txt file. I tried to import it but that did not work either. Ernie Werbiski 817 683-8166 foamflyer45. Thanks
    5. fernando amorim
      fernando amorim
      please, help me, i cant download the sketchucam
    6. Halcon Solitario
      Halcon Solitario
      hola , soy nuevo en este blog y espero poder pasar un buen rato con vuestra ayuda y ayudando . Saludos
    7. Daniel-STP
      I just translate cutter plugin and offers integrated to my change in your next release.
      I can send you the file by email if you wish.

      My E-Mail: info@daniel-stp.fr



      P.S. I translated your plugin because my English is not good :-)
    8. kram242
      Hello Watt_the Please send this request to email Contact@OpenBuildsPartStore.com and they will verify and get it right out to you.
    9. Watt_the?
      Hi Mark.
      My laptop used to control the CNC fried and I can not find the email containing the CNC license.
      So I was wandering if you can resend me the license.
      Thank you.
    10. kram242
      Hi Swain we are working to have them available to share on OpenBuilds.com No ETA as of yet but that is where we will share the plans
      1. Swain
        Thank you. Looking forward to building the vacuum former. Even some basic pictures or the manual that shipped with the kits would get me started. Doesn't have to be a perfect ready to cut set of plans.

        Keep up the cool work.

        Aug 1, 2015
      2. kram242
        Ok Swain, hope to get them up soon, and thank you for the kind words
        Aug 3, 2015
      3. Giovanni Loiacono
        Giovanni Loiacono
        Ciao mi Puoi aiutare non riesco a convertire da sketch up a cnc
        cosa devo fare.non sono molto esperto se mi indicate e con un piccolo aiuto forse ce la faro
        Nov 5, 2015
    11. Swain
      Hello, this is probably an old question but I just found your site. I don't think you sell the vacuum former any more right? Or have you posted open source plans for it online. It looks like a nice compact design. Thanks, SWAIN::;----
    12. kram242
      Sure buddy, just tell them to send me a message and I will upgrade them
    13. sedpsouth
      hey mark this chris I have just sold my machine and was wondering if the person I sold it to can upgrade there membership so he can get in and read up on things
    14. kram242
      Hello @patrol7 Same issue as foamflyer45 we lost a lot of them in the board crash. I will look to see the ones I may have and post
    15. kram242
      Hello @foamflyer45 good to hear from you! Some of the plas did not make it though the crash/hack that was some of them. Maybe find who post
    16. patrol7
      Hi Mark, I recently purchased Crash's Phlatprinter 3. Any chance you still have some Sharpie and/or Rotozip attachments still available? or the plans for them...
      Thanks, Lee
    17. foamflyer45
      HI Mark, This is Ernie, (foamflyer45). Been a long time. I logged in and found a plan I wanted to download and it just kicks me back to a previous page. It's Steve Shumates Polaris. Is there a new procedure to download .skp plans?
    18. kram242
      Sorry @Keryu at this time we do not offer kits for the Phlatformer and the plans have not been update yet. We will be posted plans asap
    19. Keryu
      Hey there! I've been doing a good deal of searching online but I can't seem to find your Phlatformer kits anywhere. Are these available for purchase? I see you're looking into getting the plans for it onto Open build but I'm not exactly sure what that means (I've never used that site). I'd really love to buy a kit!
    20. kram242
      @dab We hope to have the Phlatformer plans posted to OpenBuilds.com soon. Sorry for the delay just need to clear a few other projects first.
    21. kram242
      Hello @giuseppi Thanks for the heads up. At the moment we are working to share the Phlatprinter plans to openbuilds.com
    22. giuseppi
      Hi Mark,

      Are kits still available for any version of the PhlatPrinter? If you still maintain your RCG membership there's someone on your old thread looking to buy one. Maybe you can cruise over there and check it out.

    23. dab
      Hi Mark, hope you are off to a good 2015. I'm trying to work on a vac form project with my boys. Is there a set of plans I can obtain for the Phlatformer vac machine? Thanks! dab
    24. kram242
      I will send this to your email as well.
    25. kram242
      Hi Dan. It’s good to hear from you. You can order the belt directly from Stock Drive Products with Part # A 6B16-155025.
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