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Learning about the Phlatprinter

Discussion in 'General Phlatprinter 3 Chat' started by ExplodingLemur, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. ExplodingLemur

    ExplodingLemur New Member

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    I've been interested in some type of CNC router gantry system for a while. I've looked at the Shopbot ($$$), Joe's hybrid CNC plans (would be fun if I had the time to source the parts), and recently the Phlatprinter (mainly from how much Crash raves about his on the CrashCast). I came here wondering what made it different and what its capabilities were, and watched the demo video on the product page which showed me two things: the workpiece moves and the cutter can pass through it completely between the rollers, and you folks like KMFDM :) It also looks like it can handle at least thinner MDF considering you sell what I assume is a Phlatprinter-cut MDF quadcopter frame. What might some of the limitations of the Phlatprinter be? I imagine it would be difficult to handle particularly large or heavy workpieces (not that it's meant for that). Conversely what are some of the limitations of traditional gantry systems that led you to produce the Phlatprinter?

  2. kram242

    kram242 Administrator Staff Member

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    Hello ExplodingLemur,
    KMFDM better then the best :D I liked them growing up along with Front242!
    I will try to give you a quick overview of what the Phlatprinter project is all about.
    Originally the Phlatprinter was intended for three things. Cutting out foamie planes and not taking up such a large area of the shop. But the main reason is to prototype and manufacture foamies.
    Since then we have found with a little modification you can do heaver materials and now with the ability to create different attachments for the Z gantry we can come up with a lot of cool ways to prototype new ideas.
    We are also working on a more aggressive DIY roller system that will give you a more robust platform to move heaver materials though the Phlatprinter. Maybe with the help of roller support tables on the front and back. We could run really long pieces though :)
    The whole project has really taken on a life of its own with all the help and support of the guyz here on the Phlatforum and it has grown bigger then we could have imagined.
    It really a great DIY tool that can be modified pretty much any way you can think of so that it will suit your needs.
    I hope this gives you a little more insight on the Phlatprinter project and its popularity among the RC/CNC hobbyist here.

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