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Needed- New Source for Pop-Pop Boats

Discussion in 'General WaterCraft Talk' started by frankmcneilll, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. frankmcneilll

    frankmcneilll New Member

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    Hi All,

    With 112 working MKI and MKII Phlatprinters and additional BalsaBuddy machines on the way, Phlat forum could become headquarters for an international producer of RC model planes, boats and the like and not a moment too soon as far as I am concerned from the standpoint of a pop-pop boats fan. Several distributors of imported tinplate pop-pop boats have posted notices on their websites to the effect that their boats are not sold as children's toys because of issues with sharp edges and recalls of boats with a high content of lead in their paint.
    A typical notice can be seen on Buzz's Boatyard at http://www.buzzboats.com/poppop.htm "Warning! These boats are not sold as children's toys as they may have sharp edges. Pop-pop boats have always been sold as toys so warnings of this kind are creating a "toy vacuum" that might be filled by developing boats that are not made of tinplate and have masts, sails and pop-pop engines that parents could remove and replace for supervised play. The foreign manufacturers of tinplate pop-pop boats don't produce boats with masts, sails and removable engines and won't be inclined to switch from stamped out metal components to materials that don't have sharp edges or require painting. One of my co-owners of the Yahoo discussion group pop-pop steamboats is developing model boat plans on a CAD system and I will try to post them in the "phlatboats" section when they are ready.

    Best wishes, Frank
  2. Flashsolutions

    Flashsolutions Active Member

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    Leesburg, Florida
    Cool Frank!.... looking forward to seeing them. Since I recently got into sailing R/C boats, I am hoping to start building some different things along this line as soon as I get more free time on my hands.

    Lately, the airplanes have been keeping me quite busy but as the weather turns colder, the winds will pick up and when I am not able to fly, I will be looking into building something to sail or putz around in the water.

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