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TT_lib2 missing Plugin component error

Discussion in 'Sketchup Help' started by matt_o_70, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. matt_o_70

    matt_o_70 Member

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    When I have installed SU7 and the various recomended plugins I get an error at start up. It seems to indicate that the tool TT_cleanup is looking for a component that apparently is not installed in my environment. I did not find any previous posts here about this problem... so It must not be widespread. But I have this issue on multiple pc's.

    here is the message text:

    Error Loading File tt_cleanup.rb
    No such file to load -- TT_Lib2/core.rb
  2. TigerPilot

    TigerPilot Well-Known Member

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    Matt, check if you have the TT_Lib2 directory installed on your computer. It may be that something went wrong during the installation. I checked my directory and the core.rb file is there.

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