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33 Spitfire Profile Scale

Discussion in 'WarBirds' started by USXPAT, Mar 15, 2011.


    USXPAT New Member

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    Bettystown, Co Meath, Ireland
    The Design Intent of this series is to produce 33" Foamy "Block Built" Profile planes as close to scale as possible. Keeping Very Simple and Very Inexpensive allways in mind. Built around Grayson Hobbies Disposable Foamy power plant (CB2208-14) or similar set up. 3 servos. (I have no connection with GH, I just like the 19.95 price point) Attention to Scale detail is of primary concern, compromises made due to flat plate foam construction are kept minimal. I have intentionally left out "G" code for several reasons. I live in Ireland and all our stuff is metric and the powerplant you choose will most likely differ etc. Just seemed to me that each of you will end up with your own code. Lasty, no attempt was made as to "nesting" or laying out the parts the way you might cut them.

    Notes: As the SM Spitfire was produced in many Marks. I have "ginned one up" that captures the classic bird. For scale ref: The Plan Form is very close to scale. In elevation I have slimmed the body and added 10% to the tail for a more flyable model. Use a 1.75" Spinner.

    I will reply to any and all questions, suggestions etc.

    All the best
    USXPAT[paypal]maxdeals@live.com[/paypal] Attached files 33SpitfirePB.skp (992.5 KB)Â [​IMG]
  2. phlatfoot

    phlatfoot New Member

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    Hmmmm..... I tried downloading, but got an error message that the page could not be found.

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