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Missing gocde...

Discussion in 'Sketchup Help' started by jwalter007, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. jwalter007

    jwalter007 New Member

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    I created a custom shaped puller tool which is a pretty simple design. I have 4 inside cuts & 1 outside cut.
    Everything looks good after using phlatscript. I end up with separate faces for all cuts.

    When I output the gcode & run the plot plugin the inside cuts are there, but its missing the outside cuts.
    I cant figure out what would be causing it. I have attached the skp file if any one wanted to see if they can help.
    jason Attached files Tool.skp (112.7 KB)Â
  2. 3DMON

    3DMON Moderator Staff Member

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    Sebastian, Florida
    I got it to work by removing the dotted reference line and moving the part over. The part needs to be inside the safe cutting area box that the parameter section will create.
    Hope that helps.

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