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Mosquito 39

Discussion in 'WarBirds' started by Gere Sport, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Gere Sport

    Gere Sport Member

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    After cutting out the parts for the Zero, I have decided to scale up dz1sfb's Mosquito by the same 125% to give a 39" span model for 6mm depron (1/4" foam). I couldn't resist it as its' my favourite warbird.

    Once again the cutouts have been resized for 9g servos and slots cut for a 4mm carbon wing spar and 3mm tail spar. I've also broken the wing into two pieces to suit a safe area of 35" x 26".

    Attached is the sketchup model and the cut file for 1/4" foam on a Phlatprinter 3 running the stock 1/8" bit.

    I have cut the parts and the dry fits seem fine. My next dilema is motor choice and I'm open to suggestions? With the extra hardware compared to the single engined models, I imagine that the RTF weight will be 16-20oz and my preferred battery is 3s 1300mAH lipo. Assuming a total power of 150-200W i.e. 75-100W per motor, I think this means about 7-10A per motor. Any ideas?

    More news to follow soon as I build the Zero and Mosquito at the same time.... Attached files [​IMG] Mosquito Fuz V4 CNC.cnc (59.1 KB)Â Mosquito V1.skp (1.8 MB)Â Mosquito Wing V4 CNC.cnc (59.4 KB)Â [​IMG] [​IMG]

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