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Phlat Quake Sky Scraper Contest

Discussion in '* Contests * Win Cool Stuff!' started by theothers, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. ToxicToast

    ToxicToast Down in the weeds. Staff Member

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    Roseville, CA
    I wasn't able to join in the fun on this, but I am totally blown away by the talent you guys have demonstrated. Congrats to all participants! Great entries and awesome designs!
  2. rcav8r

    rcav8r Moderator Staff Member

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    COOL stuff for sure... I always seem to have something going on when these contests are going on, but they are fun to watch.

    PS. Been using AdBlock plus for YEARS now. I almost don't know what ads are ;-) I still let the ones on this site, and RCG through as they are in my area of interest and not annoying.

    Yinz guys may also want to check out http://www.ghostery.com/ for cookie and script control. Been using it for about a year now... some pages like my.yahoo.com, and various ad heavy sites like pcmagazine, etc load a lot faster even though the ads are blocked through adblocker.

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