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The PhlatCOWL

Discussion in 'Functional Aircraft Accessories' started by kram242, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. theothers

    theothers Administrator Staff Member

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    New Jersey
    Thank you xtreme. You are too kind!

    Good question Shaun. We were worried about that ourselves as we first thought about just putting the motor mount in there and encasing it but sure enough, it indented on all four dimples which means there is a lot of plastic holding the motor mount not to mention the casing itself wrapping around the lip of the mount. It's really cool. We just got back from the first test flight and all systems are go at this point. We are heading out again after charging the battery. We are heading over to the lake now.
  2. kram242

    kram242 Administrator Staff Member

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    Ok guyz for some reason I did not post the Phlatcowl files so here it is :)
    This is the one we used to test with foam parts on the Phlatformer. That did not work out. You will want to remake the mold part out of MDF or something hard that can withstand the vacuum forming process. (We have MDF versions of the mold and the mounts if you need them phlatboyz@phlatboyz.com) You will want to put the wood firewall on the MDF molds before you do the plastic pull on the Phlatformer. This helps to embed the plastic around the wood firewall and that gives you something to screw into.
    Mark and Trish

    SketchUp File

    Attached files PhlatCOWL File.skp (751.8 KB)Â [​IMG]

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