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The soon to be build log

Discussion in 'Phlatprinter BUILD LOGS' started by foamflight, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. foamflight

    foamflight New Member

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    Turlock, ca
    My speeds are about the same in most areas. x and y can run up near 1000ipm but z is still dreadfully slow(30ipm) when compared to the other axis'. I think it just took a little time to break in the machine as my missing steps on the y axis are all but gone. i'm running a 24v 8amp ps from mpja so i'm getting plenty of power. I need to take the z axis apart to make sure everything is lined up and moving smoothly. when making cuts with lots of tabs or rapids across the foam you can really notice the slow speed of the z axis. I know in terms of the original mk1 I know that these speeds are much faster and I shouldn't be complaining but dang it I want my machine to be top notch so i'm going to try my best to make it as fast as possible.

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